Tissue World Magazine

Omet has launched a range of innovations that target the tissue industry.

‘Koala’ introduces magnetic plates in replacement of embossing cylinders which Omet said makes the changing of embossing “simple and low-cost”.

It uses the company’s revolutionary embossing change system technology. The changing of the embossing takes place through the replacement of two magnetic plates (and not the whole cylinder), coupled, placed on a plain embossing cylinder.

The company said: “In practice, the operator no longer has to handle the heavy embossing cylinders, but simply apply to them – which remain in a fixed position on the machine – the magnetic plates bearing the design of the chosen embossing.”

It added that using this embossing unit means equipment costs are lowered by 90% or more and their procurement times are shortened, thus eliminating the risk of receiving incompliant cylinders.

The company has also launched Raccoon, which it said redefines the washing of the printing section of tissue converting machines.

It is a newly developed washing system for flexo plates built in the machine. The water pumping in the pipes fully eliminates the processing waste with the objective to increase the printing quality level.

Omet said its simple design offers a superior performance and improves the present equipment on its own tissue converting machines produced up to now.

Chameleon – Omet’s final launch – is a ‘direct-print’ system where a computer installed on the machine receives the variable graphic files and processes them according to precise parameters set by the operator

It completes Omet’s machine range for tissue converting and realises the aim of printing short runs of disposable products with variable graphics and data.

It changes the production process for manufacturers of napkins and place mats about what is possible in terms of print and the criteria of customisation of the final product.