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Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Lincoln Paper and Tissue (LPT) has boosted its energy and environmental performance after it signed a contract with Bangor Gas that will provide pipeline gas to its mill in Lincoln, Maine.

Pipeline service to the mill will start in late 2014 and will provide clean natural gas for tissue drying and the lime kiln process.

Keith Van Scotter, chief executive of LPT, said: “We worked very hard with Bangor Gas to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement.

“The pipeline will also form the foundation for natural gas supply to the Lincoln area.”

In addition to the move, the company has undertaken a project in conjunction with Massachusetts-based Xpress Natural Gas (XNG) that converted tissue drying hoods from No. 2 fuel oil to liquefied natural gas in February 2012.

In August, LPT will also take the next step by converting the tissue hoods and lime kiln to compressed natural gas (CNG), also with XNG.

The company said that this step will eliminate nearly all oil usage for process purposes.

It added that natural gas in America is the most economical fuel for industrial uses and heating, and supply to LPT will improve the competitive situation of the mill.