Tissue World Magazine

Gant Innovations has launched a first-of-its-kind product: a patented adhesive paper napkin that can be manufactured without silicone tape and has no need for the tissue to be reinforced.

The adhesive paper napkin has a thin line of specially formulated adhesive which activates when opening the tissue for use so that the napkin will adhere to skin or your clothing and not fall on the floor or float away.

Managing director Gail Shaw said: “When using tissue or napkins, one either tucks a napkin in the neck of your clothing or places them on your lap.

“Nine out of 10 times, as they are such a lightweight, they fall on the floor and float away, which in these days with health and safety people do not then want to use.

“Our adhesive paper napkins adhere to your skin or your clothing and not fall on the floor or float away. “

The company’s research extended to hospitals, care homes for the elderly, disabled people, children’s nurseries, the everyday consumer and airlines.

Shaw added there is no decline in productivity with this process and that it will have no effect on current packaging parameters.

“Findings from JRA Research found that 33% of consumers are prepared to pay more for a packet of napkins if they are adhesive while 59% of people would most definitely buy them if they were adhesive. This equates to a volume category growth of 13%,” she said.

The adhesive is a product formulated for Gant innovations only by Bostik Adhesives. Gant Innovations has patented the concept and the method.