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Alexandra Stuthridge, Technical Business Manager, BioProducts Institute (BPI)

Fabio Perini has boosted its environmental sustainability efforts after becoming ISO 50001-certified.

The company has previously made a formal statement to highlight its focus on energy efficiencies.

Riccardo Signorini, maintenance and capex manager for the business, said: “To achieve the award we deployed steps that can be defined as ‘good housekeeping’ such as switching off the overhead cranes at night and using our domotics to reduce waste of electric power and heating.

“Additionally, through LSS methodology we identified the best strategy for a more efficient energy management system.”

The company also introduced led lights in the workshops, solar heating to create warm water in summer, solar films for windows facing south and west and, finally, replacing an air compressor with a new generation model with inverter.

Since 2015, the business has saved 12% of its energy costs and 1,530t of CO2, which it said is equivalent to saving 729 hectares of forest.