Spanish tissue manufacturer Ecofibras has rebuilt its TM5 into a Crescent Former.

Toscotec have been awarded the contract to deliver the rebuild.

Ecofibras Aranguren is part of the CEL group which was the former KC Aranguren plant and became an independent company two years ago.

This investment is part of the development plan designed to increase production capacity and improve quality to supply current parent reels market, both in virgin and in deinked pulp reels.

The present TM5 is equipped with a suction breast former and sloped wire configuration, double
press section and cast iron Yankee of 4,500mm diameter.

The max actual operating speed is 1,370m/min with a drying capacity of 101tpd. In order to produce grades with lower basis weight than today (the required basis weight range is 10 ÷ 36 gsm on the wire), Toscotec will supply to Ecofibras a stock preparation upgrading together with the entire engineering, a fully hydraulic step diffuser headbox TT HEADBOX SL-T and the complete replacement of the wet-end section into the Crescent Former configuration.

Ecofibras: increasing production capacity and improving quality