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Thailand’s C.A.S. Paper Mill has increased its production capacity after investing in an AHEAD-1.5S tissue line.

Supplied by Toscotec, delivery is scheduled for 2019 and the start-up for the first quarter of 2020.

The turnkey supply includes the AHEAD-1.5S tissue machine, equipped with a second generation Steel Yankee Dryer TT SYD, Toscotec’s shoe press technology TT NextPress and steam-heated hybrid hoods TT Milltech-HYH.

The paper width is 2.8m, the maximum operating speed is 1,850m/min, with a daily production of over 90 tonnes.

Toscotec will provide its proprietary Distributed Control System TT DCS and the Quality Control System (QCS), the machine’s dust and mist removal systems, an offline shaft puller and a jumbo roll wrapping system.

A tissue slitter rewinder TT WIND-M is also part of the supply, along with its complete electrification and control system, and dust removal system.

It features three unwind stands and it handles parent rolls of 3,000mm diameter, with a design speed of 1,700m/min.

The scope also includes the stock preparation equipment and accessories, the patented TT SAF (Short Approach Flow), and a fibre recovery system.

The investment follows the C.A.S. Group’s plan to pursue its diversification by entering the tissue business.

Torpong Thongcharoen, managing director of C.A.S. Paper Mill, said: “We were happy to see that C.A.S. Paper Mill has readily adopted the energy saving concept of our AHEAD-1.5S tissue machine.

“The energy saving technology at the core of this design has been successfully running in tissue mills for over a decade now, especially in Asia.”

C.A.S. Paper Mill Co is part of the Charoen Aksorn Holding Group (C.A.S. Group).

Established in 1963, the group is a well-known paper trading company in Thailand.

In 2013, it acquired a newsprint mill which had been operating since 1994, from Norske Skog (Thailand), and is now known as C.A.S. Paper Mill.

C.A.S. Paper Mill operates Singburi mill, a pulp and paper mill situated in Sing Buri, Thailand.