Tissue World Magazine

(News from RISI) – Brazilian tissue producer Ipel – Indaial Papel Embalagens – confirmed to RISI that it will start up its new paper machine (PM4) in April this year, after several delays since 2008, when the project was first announced.

The new PM has capacity to produce 26,400tpy of tissue paper, more than doubling the company’s current output of around 24,000.

According to Ipel’s marketing manager, Luciana Dobuchak, the delays occurred as the investment has been carried out with the company’s own resources only. “We wanted to avoid a debt increase or any financial commitment,” she explained.

Ipel’s sole plant in Brazil is located in Indaial city, Santa Catarina state. The new equipment was supplied by Hergen and has one of the largest hoods produced in Brazil.

PM  will have a 4,880mm yankee roll and will run at a speed of 2,000m/min.