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TISSUE WORLD ASIA 2012 show preview

The $70bn a year global tissue industry is built on information, intelligence, technological innovation, cost analysis and business strategy. It faces new challenges and opportunity on a daily basis. The importance of the Asian market with its established giants and emerging players will go from strength to strength, so business insight into that market is crucial. Asia’s super power China is constantly hitting the headlines with news of additional capacity and new tissue PM start ups. So are you intrigued to know more about the companies in the region that are making a real difference?

If you are, then Tissue World Asia is the show for you. Held between 14-16 November in Shanghai, the exhibition and conference event targets every part of the Asian tissue business, promising to deliver all the information you need to keep ahead of the game. This could be from machinery equipment through to supplies and services for tissue making and converting.

There will also be a top class range of conferences from Asia’s key tissue manufacturers and traders, with a combined market and technical conference taking place all day Thursday and Friday morning, 15 and 16 November. The conference will be kicked off with two presentations looking at the Chinese tissue market, both from a Chinese perspective as well as an international point of view. The first paper will be given by Jiang Manxia, secretary general, China National Household Paper Industry Association, China and the following presentation by Esko Uutela, principal – tissue, RISI, Germany.

Following this opening session covering market developments, the three technical sessions will be held under the theme of “New Technology for Profitable Growth in the Asian Tissue Business”. This will include 13 presentations by leading experts in tissue technology from around the world. The companies that will be presenting the technical papers are Metso Paper, BTG, Kemira, Andritz, Novimpianti, Toscotec/ Milltech, Ashland, Poyry, Nalco, IKS Klingelnberg, Gambini, Pruftechnik and Emtec.

For now, the following pages preview this year’s exhibitors. We look forward to seeing you there!

9 SeptembAr Group

9 Septembar Group, a well-known Serbian manufacturer of tissue converting machinery for automatic production of tissue and nonwoven napkins, handkerchiefs, and toilet rolls, and one of the most presented companies in Tissue World Shows, is again bringing its latest innovation to be seen by its partners, clients and business friends.

Aeration Industries International

More pulp and paper facilities are choosing Aeration Industries’ Aire-O2 Triton® process aerator/mixer when upgrading or adding to their plants. When one of the largest pulp and paper companies in S.E. Asia was building a new plant in Indonesia, the officials specified the Triton aerators due to Horsepower energy savings, environmental safety, reduced maintenance costs plus reduced footprint and no negative impact on basin temperature.

The new 140,000 m3/day plant was designed for a smaller footprint having a 5.5m depth. The Triton aerator/mixer has the capability to drive fine bubbles and mixing to 10 m deep in a single unit, which also saves Hp energy without the need for separate mixers. 72 x 50 Hp aerator/mixers were float-mounted in the basin. The subsurface aerators prevent splashing or aerosols, making them more environmentally safe. The aerators require minimal maintenance having few wear parts and no gear box. No basin emptying is required. Influent temperature is stable ensuring enhanced biological treatment.

Today, this major pulp and paper facility is exceeding all its permit requirements. The Triton aerator/mixers proved to be a simpler, less expensive and more practical solution. For more information, www.aireo2.com

Andritz AG

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER is a global market leader in the supply of advanced production systems from the woodyard to paper finishing. ANDRITZ provides complete tissue mill solutions with the PrimeLineTM (CrescentFormer), PrimeLineTAD (Through-Air-Drying) and PrimeLine COMPACT (standardised) tissue machine concepts.

The ANDRITZ PrimeLineTM machines are widely embraced by the global tissue industry due to proven performance and innovations that are now available: Type M machines (widths from 3.4 to 3.65m) and Type W machines (widths from 5.4 to 5.6m) can be equipped with the PrimeDry Steel Yankee, the PrimePress XT shoe press, and the PrimeDry HeatRecovery ReEvaporation system which help achieve remarkable resource savings.

The PrimePress XT shoe press for tissue machines allows customers to boost paper quality and/or the post press dryness, implying higher production capacity and up to 20% lower energy consumption compared to conventional systems. The ANDRITZ PrimeDry Steel Yankees have an evaporation rate that is 15-20% higher than at cast iron models, which results in 8-10% better machine performance.

Andritz PULP & PAPER is also a leading global supplier of systems and equipment for fibre lines for all paper making processes. The latest ANDRITZ technologies will be presented at BOOTH n° 1J01.

Ashland Water Technologies

Ashland Water Technologies, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., is a leading global specialty chemical supplier of process, utility and functional chemistries. It offers innovative chemicals and equipment technologies designed to help customers improve operational efficiencies, enhance product quality, protect plant assets and minimise environmental impact.

As the leading supplier of specialty chemicals to the tissue industry, Ashland is committed to ongoing research and development to maximise customer quality and operating efficiency to achieve the best possible return on investment.

At Tissue World 2012, Ashland Water Technologies will showcase its latest innovations designed to add value to tissue products and ensure optimal machine operation. Key technologies include an updated range of crepe control products developed to maximise bulk and softness whilst improving machine efficiency and a range of innovative new products for adding value in converting.

In addition Ashland Water Technologies will highlight its capabilities to support new machine start up projects, ensuring new production assets are producing tissue and delivering a return on investment at the earliest opportunity. These services include chemical feeding systems, product recommendations and start up support from industry experts. To learn more information about these products and technologies, please visit Ashland Water Technologies at BOOTH 1J15.

BTG Duroblade Beijing Office

BTG: helping the tissue maker improve economic performance and quality, thanks to in-depth process- and customer knowledge and advanced technologies. BTG works hand-in-hand with the customer to develop innovative, cost-effective ways of improving his operation, replying to his specific demands and needs. Visit BOOTH 1G14 to discuss how BTG

can help you improve your bottom line: • Reduced fibre costs, reduced consumable costs, improved tissue machine uptime and converting plant yield: all of these are possible through the application of the industry’s most widely used particle charge detector, zeta potential measurement and BTG’s highly efficient equipment for the evaluation of retention aids.

  • Web breaks, edge build-up, flying sheet: to significantly reduce these production constraint, BTG has introduced its fines management concept based on new generation optical consistency transmitters for fibre, ash and fines.
  • Bulk improvement, improved fibre yield, enhanced softness and consistent quality: all possible thanks to BTG’s range of highperformance creping doctors and its unique creping blade holder, which allows for independent adjustment of linear load and creping pocket angle – while running!
  • BTG’s collaborative project approach to tissue mill economic enhancement drawing on a comprehensive package of equipment, specialist know-how and consumables – all geared to optimising your tissue operation.

C.G. Bretting Manufacturing

A leading manufacturer for interfold facial, hand towel, napkin folding and packaging lines.

Chyau Ban Machinery Co., Ltd.

Chyau Ban Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 1987, is one of Taiwan’s most veteran manufacturers of tissuemaking machinery. Based on more than 25 years of experience in mold, Chyau Ban has become a specialist manufacturer of interfold and rewinder tissue machinery with advanced technology.

Chyau Ban is versed in the “All-In-One System”, which includes Facial Tissue, V Fold Hand Towels, Z Fold Hand Towels, Napkin Paper, Pocket Facial Tissue Paper, Wet Wipes, Toilet Rolls, and Kitchen Towel.

Due to its effort to develop the innovative CB228 13T Facial Tissue Machine, the company has developed a good reputation around the world. Its CB228 3TZ2 Z Fold Hand Towel Machine, the company has received a good reputation in Europe in particular. Z Fold Hand Towel Machine produce 2-ply, in conjunction with a lamination system and double embossing rolls to combine 2-ply hand towel paper. It also has an upgraded water absorbing capacity.


A well known American manufacturer producing special machines for non-woven converting, covering wet wipes, folding, rewinding and packaging equipments. It also supplies rewinding and packaging lines for gift wrap paper, wallpaper, aluminum foil, film wrap, baking paper and wax paper.

Fabio Perini SpA

Fabio Perini S.p.A. is part of Körber PaperLink, an international supplier of system solutions for the paper and tissue converting industries.

Fabio Perini, based in Lucca, Italy, is a leading producer of tissue converting machinery. Its production focuses on: semiautomatic to fully automatic toilet roll and kitchen towel converting lines; entry-level segment lines; slitter rewinders for the production of industrial rolls; a wide range of accessory units; table napkins and interfolded towels converting equipment; reconditioning and commercialising of preowned tissue converting equipment; and the design and manufacture of embossing rolls for tissue production. Fabio Perini SpA is part of Körber Paper Link, an international supplier of system solutions for the paper and tissue converting industries.

Firefly AB

Firefly is the world’s leading provider of fire prevention systems for the tissue industry. Firefly Tissue Solutions® optimise safety in tissue mills with a unique range of products, designed to protect the tissue machine and the converting process from damages. It provides designed systems that are adapted to each process with detectors that indicate hot particles, sparks and flames, combined with water mist, water spray extinguishing as well as other suppression methods, such as CO2. With its solutions, each tissue mill can be effectively protected against costly fires and dust explosions.

Firefly will show the unique features of the WebScan® at Tissue World Asia. The WebScan® is developed to prevent fires in stored tissue rolls. The WebScan® detectors used in the system are especially designed to indicate hot spots, glows, and sparks from 250°C (480°F) on the tissue sheet. Within milliseconds after finding a hot spot on the sheet, an alarm is provided by the control unit. The alarm will enable operators to remove the contaminated roll to a safe quarantine area for further inspection and disposal or re-pulping. WebScan® fire prevention technology is a standard in several European-based tissue plants.


FlexLink provides conveyor and handling solution for tissue products like rolls, bags, carton boxes and AfH packages. The solutions ensure the highest possible reliability, high uptime with a long MTBF, low noise and minimum spare part requirements.

FlexLink’s tissue solutions have an optimised design to minimise product damage, and be resistant to wear through special components just for the tissue industry. At Tissue World FlexLink will show its new modular wide belt conveyor and automatically adjustable guiding system for rolls and wrapped products.

The modular plastic belt conveyor range from 322 up to 626 mm. The wide belt conveyor system is a flexible, costeffective solution especially designed for the transportation of large and bulky items. The wide belt conveyor can be bought in components, modules or as a complete system. The system is highly flexible and straight, L-, S- or U-shaped conveyors are available as standard configurations. The automatic adjustable guiding system (AGS) offers easy resetting of track width for different product sizes. The effect is increased efficiency and safe product distribution throughout the line. FlexLink also offers a manually adjustable guiding system.

ForePak Wet Wipes Machinery Co. Ltd.

Wet wipes folder and packaging machine, tissue paper converting machine.

Foshan Nanhai Baosuo Paper Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Tissue converting machines such as rewinder, facial tissue converting machine, hand towel converting machine, paper napkin converting machine, slitting machine, core winders.

Foshan Nanhai Baotuo Paper Machinery Engineering Co. Ltd

SF12-SF15 suction former Yankee tissue machine and BT12-BT15 suction former Yankee paper machine.

Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Rewinder, facial tissue machine, handkerchief tissue machine, paper napkin machine, slitting machine, core machine, nonwovens machine and auxiliary equipment.

Foshan Nanhai Xinli Paper Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Rewinders for draw-out facial tissue, hand towel, toilet tissue and kitchen towel, handkerchief tissue and jumbo roll, tissue slitting machine, core winder, toilet tissue converting machine.

Foshan Nanhai Zhien Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Rewinders, converting machines for toilet tissue, paper napkin, handkerchief tissue, boxed facial tissue, nonwovens, slitting rewinders and packing machine.

Fujian Quanzhou Minghui Industrial Machinery Co. Ltd

Tissue converting machinery.

Gambini SpA

A reputable Italian manufacturer for toilet roll, kitchen towel and industrial roll rewinding line.

Guangzhou Nice Tissue Professional Processing
Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Toilet tissue/handkerchief tissue/plastic pack and boxed facial tissue packing machine.

Guangzhou TalenDO Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Tissue converting machinery.

Guangzhou Topfond Automation Equipments Co. Ltd.

Inspection system.

Hangzhou Creator Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd

Pull-on adult diaper machine, adult diaper machine, pull-on babydiaper machine, baby diaper machine, wings sanitary napkin machine, pantiliner machine and under pad machine.

Hinnli Co., Ltd

Hinnli Co., Ltd. is located in Taiwan and has become the leading manufacturer , exporter, turnkey project provider and system integrator focusing in paper converting and industrial machineries. In addition to singleunit machines and relevant components and parts, the company also specialises in supplying whole-plant projects to customers. It provides extensive experiences and knowledge by supplying the highest quality of machineries. The company has achieved an outstanding position in the market by fully understanding the importance of achieving consumer satisfaction. Hinnli Co., Ltd. strives to provide convenient condition and opportunities for the success of its clients with the best machineries.

ICM Makine Ve Muhendislik Ltd STI.

ICM builds machinery to meet customer’s needs and provide maintenance and after sales support with highly skilled technicians. It has the capability to plan and implement manufacturing strategies for its customers and it provides maintenance for and improvements on any tissue converting machinery, as well as the manufacture of spare parts. It can respond quickly to all requests. Some of its new products include napkin line from reel to boxing, Z fold towel line from reel to boxing and rewinder lines from reel to packaging.

IKS Klingelnberg GmbH

IKS Klingelnberg is a global operating group of companies with utmost competence in the production of machine knives and tools. Continuous research in long wearing materials development, automated production processes and decades of experience have made IKS Klingelnberg a global leader among the highest-skilled industrial knife specialists.

For the tissue industry the company supplies: log saw blades, lubrication system, lubricant, grinding stones, perforation and anvil blades, packaging blades and slitters. Additionally it offers technical and best practices seminars.


Tissue automatic packing machine.

Industria Cartaria Pieretti

Established in 1924, Industria Cartaria Pieretti (icP) is now a leading paper-making company specialised in producing high-quality recycled paper board for industrial use. IcP’s products are used to manufacture hygienic cores, spiral and in line tubes, corrugated board, edge-corners and packaging cells. The company aims to emit the lowest possible amount of energy and carbon dioxide emissions, preferring to sustainable source energy and reduce its waste. People’s safety and security are fundamental to icP’s philosophy. Healthy working places make the company more effective and successful. It has two paper machines that allow it to make 12 different kinds of white, grey and white/grey paper, of different substances and width. IcP has a global revenue of more than €50m and exports board all over the world to 65 countries. Website: www.pieretti.it

Isola International Trading Co Ltd

Into the heart of the paper industry, and supported by a young and dynamic staff, ISOLA SPA was founded as the reference point for the Italian market of waste paper.

With a turnover of over 50m made possible due to Isola Luigi and a staff of just 12, the ISOLA Group operates a network of international partnerships where it follows the transaction through to the end of the contract.

At TW Asia 2012 it wants to present a new project that began more than one year ago and is now a consolidated assets: the ISOLA Shanghai.

Exploiting both the solid knowledge of Chinese territory in the paper field, and the network of contacts gained through years of business and acquiring new skills in technology, it offers to create new business opportunities for Italian companies producing machinery for paper mills.

It provides facilities, technical and sales people in order to create the opportunity to penetrate the Chinese market, or to strengthen the position of those companies that don’t have enough turnover to justify a permanent structure in Asian territory. An excellent opportunity for all Chinese customers, to meet suppliers of innovative and efficient machines.

Isra Parsytec GmbH

Counting over 400 installations worldwide, ISRA VISION offers turn-key solutions for all kinds of pulp, paper and tissue: automatic web inspection for defect recognition, web break monitoring for quality control and software tools for surface quality yield management. By detection and classification of relevant defects, the Web Inspection System (WIS) provides comprehensive information about malfunctions at different production stages. Intelligent Web Break Monitoring (WBM) with cameras positioned along the process chain, allows immediate determination of sheet break causes. WIS and WBM can be connected to one server with all information being processed on. Combined to one system, WIS and WBM systems ensure immediate root cause analysis of quality-related defects. For tissue producers, an extended product portfolio covers the full range of surface inspection tasks along the process chain – from wet end to converting. Yankee Protection avoids sheet breaks in the tissue machine and fire in the hood. Defect Handling entails a slowing of the converter for specific defects to prevent sheet breaks at converting. Yield management software modules complete the inspection by final quality grading of tissue rolls.

Jiangsu BEST CNC-Machinery Co. Ltd.

Grinders for blades.

JiangYin XinDe Machine CO.LTD

Jiangyin Xinde machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for toilet paper packaging, the main products including various specifications of roll of paper sealing machine, soft pumping paper packing machine and sanitary napkin/paper diaper packaging machine, etc.

JiangYin City XingLei Packing Machine Factory

All kinds of soft packing machinery.

Jinridong Papermaking Machinery Co. Ltd.

Crescent tissue machine.

Kawanoe Zoki Co., Ltd

Kawanoe Zoki Co., Ltd. is a leading paper machine supplier from Japan. Its BestFormer Yankee Paper Machine (BF) has 200 installations worldwide, 86 units in China as of 2012. The latest model, BF- 1000, delivers increased production with energy efficiency. Together with CBC™ Creping Doctor and BF-DD6000, BF tissue machine provides customers with more efficient and higher quality production. BestFormer features:

  • CBC™ Creping Doctor
  • Double Disc Refiner BF-DD6000: high quality and high efficiency Double Disc Refiner
  • High quality production
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low running cost
  • Low initial investment
  • Operator friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Fast installation and quick start-up
  • Full technical support

Energy saving, eco-friendly = BestForme Kemira
Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

“You can’t make tissue without water and at Kemira, we know both”. Built on its expertise in water quality and quantity management (WQQM) and fibre chemistry, Kemira offers a complete product portfolio designed to provide value for its customers.

It focuses on addressing the needs of the tissue customer by understanding the specific grade’s sheet quality and process needs, then offering a total solution approach by optimising the machine’s process and chemical applications that is grade specific. In addition, its information management system provides inline process diagnostic tools and data mining capabilities. Its solutions not only improve its customer’s tissue quality attributes and process efficiency, but also makes better use of scarce resources like water, energy and fibres.

Körber Engineering Shanghai Co. Ltd

Körber Engineering Shanghai Co. Ltd. is part of Körber PaperLink, an international supplier of system solutions for the paper and tissue converting industries.

KPL Packaging S.p.A.

KPL Packaging S.p.A. is part of Körber PaperLink, an international supplier of system solutions for the paper and tissue converting industries.

KPS – Körber Process Solutions

KPS has sales and service offices in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. With its head office in Hamburg, Germany, it is the strategic management holding company for the Paper Division of the Körber Group. KPL unites internationally operating companies specialised in providing machinery and services for the paper and tissue converting industries under one roof. All of these companies hold leading market positions: E.C.H. Will, Kugler-Womako, Pemco (with the brands SHM and Wrapmatic), Fabio Perini S.p.A., Perini Engraving, Fabio Perini Ltda., KPL Packaging (with the Casmatic brand), Körber Engineering Shanghai, W+D-Langhammer and Winkler+Dünnebier.

Liaoyang Allideas Papertech Co. Ltd.

Cresent tissue machine, vacuum cylinder tissue machine, tissue splitting rewinder.

Liuzhou Jingrou Printing & Packing Machinery Co. Ltd.

Colour paper napkin, paper cups, paper plates, colour paper napkin printing machine.

M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A.U.

The Industrial Group MTorres, headquartered in Pamplona, Spain, has offices in Santa Ana (CA), Germany and Shanghai. The group has long been known in the converting industry for its highly reliable and durable products. In operation since 1976, with more than 700 customers and thousands of machines worldwide, MTorres specialises in splicers, roll stands and paper roll transport systems for all industry sectors that involve web handling such as tissue, corrugated, flexible packaging, liquid packaging, etc. Making good use of the know-how accumulated in the paper industry, MTorres has also developed a complete range of Automatic Splice Unwinds for the tissue industry.

The MTorres Auto Splice Unwinds mean an important technology advance and provides tissue converters with the latest innovations to eliminate downtimes during the reel changes and/or marked sheet breaks, which means an increase in productivity and waste reduction in the converting lines.

Megall Industries (Qingdao) Limited

Manufacturer of tissue paper.

Metso Paper Karlstad AB

Advantage ViscoNipTM press for high quality tissue at low energy consumption. The ViscoNipTM press produces tissue with higher bulk and softness at a given press dryness compared to any other press concept for conventional dry crepe tissue machines. The ViscoNip press was introduced to the market in 2006. It is the most flexible press concept, making it possible to run a wide range of linear loads while maintaining a uniform dryness to the Yankee. This is not possible with roll presses, which have to be operated at design linear load. The ViscoNip press is an extended press nip. The heart of the ViscoNip press is the flexible press body that consists of two or three chambers, which stretch over the width of the machine.

Drying is the most energy consuming process in tissue making. The most effective way to reduce energy is to increase the press dryness level. For tissue, press dryness mainly depends on the peak pressure in the nip. With the ViscoNip press, it is possible to achieve a high peak pressure resulting in high press dryness levels. The press dryness cross machine direction profile has also improved as well as sheet softness.

It is widely appreciated by tissuemakers producing high quality tissue at low operating costs.


METissue is an information portal dedicated to professionals in the tissue and nonwovens industry, offering information about energy, safety, quality solutions, raw material, technology, research and development and much more.

The magazine covers the entire tissue supply chain, from raw material to tissue production, to the technology behind the manufacturing process and the converting and packaging industries. It also covers the new trends, technologies, researches and developments in the nonwovens industry.

Nalco Company

Nalco is an Ecolab company which has sales of $11bn and more than 40,000 employees. Ecolab Inc. is on the forefront of water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, providing and protecting clean water, safe food, abundant energy and healthy environments globally .

Ecolab delivers comprehensive programmes and services to the food, energy, healthcare, industrial and hospitality markets in more than 160 countries.

With an 80-year track record, Nalco is the world’s leading process and water treatment solutions provider. As an industry leader, Nalco’s focus on innovation consistently brings new technology to the pulp and paper industry, securing dozens of new patents each year. Its innovative solutions are carefully designed to deliver significant economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Supported by a comprehensive network of supply chain facilities in each country and regional research centers, its global presence enables it to offer a consistently high level of service to local, regional and multinational customers.

Nanjing Songlin International Knife Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Log saw, blade, grinder, etc.

Novimpianti Drying Technology SRL

Novimpianti Drying Technology Srl is an engineering and manufacturing company located in Lucca, Italy, specialised in paper,board and tissue drying, ventilation and environmentally friendly technology solutions.

Its main products are:

  • Yankee Hoods up to 650°C operating blowing air temperature
  • Steam generation by Yankee Hood Exhaust
  • Closed Hoods for dryer sections
  • Yankee Head Savers
  • Heat Recovery Units
  • Stabilisation and Pocket Ventilation
  • Steam and Condensate Systems for Tissue and Paper Machines, for Corrugators
  • Dust Removal systems for Tissue Machines and Rewinders
  • Mist Removal Systems
  • Building Heating and Ventilation
  • Complete Boiler houses
  • Cogeneration with Gas Turbine Exhaust
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Steam Box
  • Survey for process Optimisation and Energy Saving
  • Diagnostic Services, Maintenance and Spare Parts
  • Component supply


Optima is a famous German manufacturer that makes a wide range of stacking, filling and sealing equipments for the manufacture of hygienic products such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers, baggers for toilet rolls, interfold tissue. Brands are Optima, Amotek, and Sierem.

Petrofer Shanghai Special Lubricating Agent Co., Ltd.

The Petrofer Shanghai has two major breakthroughs in the application of tissue chemicals. The first one is the spray of the release agent onto the Yankee cylinder on the low-speed paper machine and the second is the spray of the softener on the wet web. The first one has the advantages of cost saving, improving paper quality (non-loss of strength, better wrinkles and feeling), and protecting the equipment; the second has the advantages of cost saving and non-loss of the paper’s strength, which make the sheet feel better and softer.

These two application technologies have had a lot of success.

Prüftechnik AG

Pruftechnik is a 33-year old maintenance technology company that has pioneered laser shaft alignment with a new technology called Paralign. With subsidiaries and distributors in more than 70 countries, Pruftechnik serves manufacturing enterprises around the world. Paralign offers a new and innovative method of measuring roller alignment five times faster than conventional means. It uses three ring laser gyroscopes to project the rolls position in space, producing an instant graphical report.

Quanzhou Chuangda Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Wet wipes machinery, facial tissue and handkerchief tissue machinery.

Quanzhou Dachang Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Wet wipes machine, folder, packing machine.

Quanzhou Donggong Machinery Co.Ltd.

Wet wipe machinery, packing machinery and tissue machinery.

Quanzhou Huaxun Machinery Making Co. Ltd.

Baby diaper machine, tissue machinery such as full-automatic toilet tissue production line, full-automatic glue lamination kitchen towel production line, draw-out facial tissue machine, etc.

Quanzhou Yichuan Machinery Co. Ltd

Machines for baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin, pantiliner, under pad.


Owned by UBM plc, RISI is the leading information provider for the global forest products industry.

The company works with clients in the pulp and paper, wood products, timber, biomass, tissue, nonwovens, printing and publishing industries to help them make better decisions. Headquartered in Boston, MA, RISI operates additional offices throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Rufong Machinery (Zhengzhou) Co. Ltd.

Single flat and multi-flat wet wipes machine, draw-out baby wet wipes machine, toilet tissue auto-packing machine and other tissue converting and packing machinery.

Ruian Dawei Machinery Co. Ltd.

Wet wipes packing machine, mask packing machine, diaper packing machine.

Saueressig GmbH Co. +KG

Saueressig is a worldwide operating system supplier to large branded companies. It produces designs, artworks, reproductions, printing cylinders, embossing rollers, embossing calendars and equipment for finishing processes. Saueressig has stateof- the art embossing tools, sleeve and surface technologies and purpose-build engineering that meet the highest of customers demands. The company is the one-stop shop to support and optimise the production of customised products, such as kitchen towels, napkins, paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper and other multi-layer hygiene papers and tissues.

Senning, Christian, Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

Known globally for making high quality wrapping machines for handkerchief, napkin, hand towel and interfold tissue.

Shandong Xincheng Paper Co. Ltd.

Airlaid, wet wipes, etc. Shandong Xinhe
Papermaking Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shandong Xinhe Paper-Making Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, with a staff of 280 (including more than 100 professional and technical personnel). Its company covers more than 30,000 square meters, with fixed assets of 50m Yuan.

It has over 30 sets of professional production equipment, producing all kinds of fourdriniers and cylinder paper making machines. Besides, it is also an expert in the design, installation and adjustment of electrical equipment, technical reconstruction and acceleration of paper making machines. It is the dealer for Finland ABB and Japan Sanken, qualified for designing and installing frequency converters.

Shanghai Forest & Paper Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd

Analysing and testing equipments in pulp and paper industry.

Shanghai Rocky Adhesives Co. Ltd.

Adhesives used in the nonwoven and paper industry.

Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.

Packing machine for toilet tissue, plastic pack facial tissue, handkerchief tissue.

Shanghai Tominaga Packing Machinery Co. Ltd.

Full automatic sanitary napkin packing machine, full automatic toilet tissue packing machine, diaper packing machine, facial tissue/wet wipe packing machine, counting and stacking machine.

Shanghai Yuliu Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd.

Counting and stacking machines for sanitary napkins, pantiliners. Packing machine for sanitary napkins, pantiliners, diapers, facial tissue and toilet tissue.

Shanghai Zhilian Precision Machinery Co. Ltd.

Sanitary napkin/pantiliner machine, baby/ adult diaper machine, pet diaper/pad machine, underpad machine, hemostasia pad machine, breast pad machine, material lamination machine.

Svecom P.E.SRL

Svecom P.E designs and manufactures expanding shaft and chucks for all winding and unwinding applications, including reel spool, shaft puller and lifting tables. It makes shafts for all sizes with multiple external bladders, lugs and leaves, featuring highspeed centering shafts, differential shafts and adaptor plugs, mechanical pneumomechanical core chucks and safety chucks.

It offers the widest variety of shafts and chucks in the world.

Tech. Vantage International Ltd.

Established in Hong Kong in 2002, Tech. Vantage partners with a group of leading global manufacturers such as Bretting, CMG, Elsner, Optima, Senning and Servotec to form “ONE TISSUE WORLD, ONE PROFESSIONAL TEAM”. Each member of the group has a unique strength in specialised sectors of tissue converting to provide Asian clients with the most effective and value-added solutions.

Partners of Tech.Vantage have unique converting technology for toilet roll, kitchen towel, napkin, facial tissue, hand towel, wet wipes and converting technology nonwoven products.

Since further expansion in Shanghai in 2006, Tech.Vantage has offered technical support with spares and technical assistance.

Tissue Machinery Company SpA

Tissue Machinery Company (TMC) was established in 1997 in Bologna, the Italian Packaging Valley, with a clear vision: designing and building integrated machinery and solutions for packaging and handling rolled tissue products.

Since then, TMC has offered undisputable added-value, providing its customers with cutting edge technologies and solutions allowing for a substantial competitive advantage.

Matteo Gentili, TMC’s president, said: “Technological excellence alone is no longer enough to successfully lead the market; one needs to invest in services, starting with parts replacement”. TMC has also founded a company, Asset Management Service (AMS), that specialises in after-sales. Specialists from the company’s pre-existing “Service & Spare parts” division work to offer spare parts at lower costs by focusing on sales volumes, and also a wide range of after-sales services.

The €15m turnover company is progressively proving to be effective at providing original parts and services. Additionally, AMS offers machine retrofits and upgrades, personnel technical training, scheduled programmed and predictive maintenance, and the baby-sitting of programmes at production.

Toscotec SpA

Energy saving is a key factor in today’s industrial strategies and Toscotec, in 60+ years of activity, always puts great care into developing solutions to reduce consumption in papermaking, with a particular focus on the energy intensive process of tissue drying.

The most important development in field is the Steel Yankee Dryer – TT-SYD. Thanks to its particular design and construction materials, it provides a substantial increase of drying capacity and a reduction of steam consumption. It can be supplied with diameters up to 18’ (5,490mm) and face length up to (5,600mm) and, on a machine with an even drying split between Yankee dryer and hood, the overall drying rate is approx 15% higher. The higher drying capacity is a key factor to reduce specific steam consumption while it allows for the installation of a smaller size Yankee with no production loss. As a consequence the TTSYD requires less drive power resulting in a reduced electric consumption.

A further development in tissue drying is the TT-SPR 1430. This suction press roll of large diameter (1,430mm), in combination with the TT-SYD offers a striking combination of increased drying capacity, energy saving and improved softness of the finished products.

Ungricht Roller + Engraving Technology

In addition to the production of high quality embossing rollers UNGRICHT assists customers in the development of successful patterns.

UNGRICHT develops optimised technical data sheets and can supply potential end-users with 3D-simulations of theoretical designs such as photos out of cyberspace. It can also test embossing on tissue made with laboratory rollers.

Additionally, patterns will be checked by especially developed computer programmes to avoid vibrations and reduction of lifetime. This service makes sure that the launch of a new pattern will be successful in market and production.

Weifang Kingnow Machine Co. Ltd.

Kingnow mainly produces toilet paper rewinder, napkin machine, boxed type facial paper machine, hand towel machine, handkerchief machine, slitting machine, core winding machine, packing machine and so on.


Established in 1946, Weifang Lancel Hygiene Products Limited specialises in the manufacturing of tissue products, and has one KAWANOE papermaking line and two Valment papermaking lines. Its company has 60 years of professional production experience and can produce first grade daily use paper.

Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG (Weko Biel)

Weko Application Systems for Tissue production to apply softener, lotions or perfume.

Wenzhou Dingye Packing Machinery Co. Ltd.

ZB420 full-auto handkerchief tissue bundlepack wrapper, ZB350 full-auto facial tissue packaging machine, ZB330 full-auto plastic pack facial tissue packing machine.

Wenzhou Onepaper Household Paper Machinery Co. Ltd.

Full-auto facial tissue (pantiliner) box sealer, boxed/plastic pack facial tissue packing machine, log saw slitting machine.

Wenzhou Tekang Elasticity Technology Co. Ltd.

Elastic waist band.

Winkler+Dünnerbier AG

Winkler+Dünnebier is a company of Körber Processing Solution in Germany, the world’s leading technology and system solution partner for machines and production systems for tissue and hygiene products. W+D Shanghai is a wholly-owned company of Winkler+Dünnerbier GmbH in China, for selling Tissue and Paper covering machines which are manufactured by German headquarters, providing service and spare parts.

Wuxi Hudong Mascot Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd.

CQJ effective shallow ions airflotation machinery.

Yuanda Tools Co. Ltd.

Log saw for toilet tissue, perforation blade for rewinding machine, slitting blade, blade, automatic log saw cutting machine for toilet tissue, automatic paper napkin cutting machine.

Zhucheng Dazheng Machinery Co. Ltd.

Paper machine, tissue machine, pulp machine, sewage disposal system and other environmental protect machine.

Zhucheng Jinlong Machinery Co. Ltd.

Pulp and paper machinery, tissue machine, environmental protection equipment specific grade’s sheet quality and process needs, then offering a total solution approach by optimising the machine’s process and chemical applications that is grade specific. In addition, its information management system provides inline process diagnostic tools and data mining capabilities. Its solutions not only improve its customer’s tissue quality attributes and process efficiency, but also makes better use of scarce resources like water, energy and fibres.