Energy cost savings with integrated cogeneration

Solar Turbines and its partners propose the most energy efficient solution for the tissue production taking advantage of natural gas and Combined Heat and Power (CHP also called cogeneration) properties.

Combined Tissue Direct Drying, Steam and Electrical Power
While producing the electricity for the tissue machine, the cogeneration system provides also the hot air and the steam for the drying process.
The gas turbine exhaust gases are sent to the Yankee hood to directly dry the tissue and the remaining energy is used in a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) to generate the steam for the Yankee cylinder.




It results in very high energy efficiency and consequently in significant energy costs savings. Depending on the local incentives and utility costs, the savings can be as high as 50% and payback time below two years.



Example of potential energy savings (depending on local Energy costs and incentives scheme)


This unique solution is a combination of:

•   the performances of the Solar Turbines gas turbines solutions (electrical power, efficiency) and their world- renowned superior reliability and availability

•   the tissue production expertise of Solar Turbines’ partners and their knowhow in integrating gas turbine exhaust gases into yankee hoods

enabling both high energy savings and undisturbed Tissue machine production as it was proven on our numerous running installations.



Plant in Chile


Solar Turbines supplied gas turbines packages for cogeneration plants with integration to Yankee Hood on 6 continents with gas turbines ranging from 4.6 MW to 22 MW.

Benefits of these solutions typically include the potential to avoid grid disruption by power self-production, along with the energy cost savings and:

•   emissions reduction (CO2, NOx, CO and particulates) without need of SCR,
•   high power density,
•   ease of operation,
•   low noise level,
•   low operations and maintenance cost with, in particular, almost no lube oil consumption.



Plant in Turkey

Superior Reliability and Availability
The Solar Turbines packages are renowned for their superior reliability and availability backed by a knowledgeable local field presence (50 field service offices worldwide) and a unique Equipment Health Management system (EHM), which is a proactive, technology-based service powered by state of the art InSight Platform™ technology

Solutions provider

Solar Turbines and its partners can supply from the gas turbine package up to the cogeneration/CHP plant
(HRSG, Electrical room, fuel gas compressor…) including financing solutions.


our expert to evaluate the cost savings you can achieve with Solar Turbines solutions:
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